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AVEK North Feeder Leak Repaired

Nothing stays in top shape forever, so AVEK must repair broken equipment from time to time, in keeping with the Agency’s Strategic Plan values of public safety and health, recognized in goals such as Water Reliability and Financial Integrity.

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With that in mind, AVEK contracted the W.M. Lyles Company for emergency repair work on the Agency’s North Feeder at Edwards Air Force Base, where a leaking pipe occurred. AVEK Operations Manager Jon Bozigian presented the situation to Agency Directors at their May 9, 2023, Board Meeting, explaining that initially the Lyles Company had been contracted in January 2022 to fix the problem. The cost of that contract hinged on a time and materials basis.

“For two years we’ve been talking about this leak,” Jon told the board. “We can’t shut down in summer. A 10-day shutdown is all we could do. That’s all our customers could live with.”

Initially Lyles “potholed around the pipe to determine the size and procured necessary repair parts,” Jon said.

A temporary “patch plate” was welded in place to stop the leak. The area was backfilled.

Regarding the leak, Jon said, it was determined that damage occurred to the pipe during installation 45 years ago.

“For years the pipe was being corroded.” Furthermore, Jon said, the pipe was a 33-inch diameter, “an odd size.”

A new transmission pipe was installed, along with a 36-inch valve.

“Hopefully,” Jon said, “no other pipes out there were damaged during installation.”

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