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AVEK's Operations Center is located at its Palmdale headquarters, adjacent to the Quartz Hill Water Treatment Plant. Administration and a state-of-the-art Laboratory are housed in a LEED Gold certified building.


What is LEED?

•LEED stands for “Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design”,  a globally recognized symbol of excellence in green building.

•LEED projects earn points by adhering to prerequisites and credits across nine measurements for building excellence.

•More than 93,000 projects participate with a total of 19.3 billion square feet of space used worldwide.  

LEED Benefits

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•Saves resources and responsible for diverting over 80 million tons of waste from landfills.

•LEED Gold buildings consume a quarter less energy and generate 34 percent lower greenhouse gas emissions.

•Creates healthy spaces that increase recruitment, retention and productivity rates amongst employees.

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