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Upper Amargosa Creek Recharge Project

Part of the Antelope Valley Integrated Regional Water Management Plan, the Upper Amargosa Creek Recharge project is a joint effort between the City of Palmdale, AVEK, Palmdale Water District and Los Angeles County Waterworks District 40.

May contain: water

Located on a 75 acre site near 25th St West and Lake Elizabeth Rd., this project expands the Valley's water supply portfolio with a recharge capacity of 1600-2350 acre feet per year with the following benefits:

  • Habitat for native animal species including desert night lizards and coyotes will be preserved.
  • Eight spreading basins have a maximum capacity of 100 cubic feet per second during storms
  • Available State Water Project supplies will be used to recharge the local aquifer system.
  • In the future, recovered water will be put to beneficial use in area homes and businesses.
  • This project offers flood protection in an area with a history of heavy flooding during storms.
  • A Nature Park to restore 25 acres of habitat along Amargosa Creek.
  • Form and function of the project earned the partners $6.5 million from Proposition 1E Stormwater/Flood Management funds awarded by the Department of Water Resources.
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