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AVEK receives President's Special Recognition Awards, Refund of Insurance Premiums

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Directors and staff at Antelope Valley-East Kern Water Agency were grateful recipients of a refund check that totaled $12,293.60 from the Association of California Water Agencies Joint Powers Insurance Authority, otherwise known as the ACWA-JPIA Rate Stabilization Fund. The refund resulted from an insurance premium adjustment due to a low number of worker’s compensation claims and reduced liabilities, underscoring AVEK’s commitment to safety in the workplace. 

The Agency received 3 President's Special Recognition Awards from ACWA-JPIA for its Worker's Compensation, Property, and Liability insurance programs.

ACWA-JPIA is a partnership of water agencies working collectively to share the risks associated with purveying water. The conglomerate formed in 1979 to provide risk-sharing pools. To be accepted into the JPIA, prospective members must demonstrate dedication to effective risk management programs. JPIA collects a deposit premium at the start of each policy period and can return money from excess funds and investments to members such as AVEK who achieve low loss ratios. 

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