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Exciting Life Changes Bring Joy to Tatyana

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Tatyana Garcia hit the trifecta when she moved into her new house, became a pet parent to a new dog, and will soon give birth to her baby – a trio of life-changing events within the five-month period from October 2022 through February 2023.

Tatyana greets each new experience with a positive outlook, envisioning an opportunity for advancement and growth. Tatyana said she and her fiancé Joshua Lee Teal started house-hunting in August and two months later they were unpacking boxes in their new digs.

“We saw about 10 houses before deciding on ours,” she noted.

Their new residence in West Lancaster is walking distance from The BLVD, the city’s downtown shopping district lined with restaurants, antique shops, banks, and a variety of small mom-and-pop type businesses as well as a movie theater and Lancaster Performing Arts Center, which offers the public live entertainment – everything from plays, to singing acts, and comedians.

The BLVD even has a Starbucks. Doesn’t everyone?

She and Joshua had been living in a rental place until now.

They were prompted to buy a house after the news that Tatyana was pregnant.

“We wanted more room for our son, as well as an investment for our future and his.” She said they realized that paying rent does not build equity, at least not for the renter.

Although the house is new to them, it is not a new structure. It was built in the 1950s, having a touch of history and Od World charm. But it was also updated by the previous owners who renovated the property.

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Tatyana and Joshua were drawn to this particular house because of the space it offers as well as the inviting front and back yards.

“My favorite feature is the hallway bathroom with a clawfoot tub.”

The home also accommodates Queso, their yellow Labrador puppy, a male dog who already weighs 37 pounds at 14 weeks old. “He’s going to be a big boy,” Tatyana said.

Queso is Spanish for cheese, but don’t tell the puppy that.

Now she and Joshua are just waiting for the arrival of Noah Lee Teal on February 2, 2023, and their family will be complete.

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