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State Water Project 

Importing Water Through The State Wate Project Facilities

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California Aqueduct

Water supplied to AVEK is imported through California's State Water Project (SWP). The SWP is a state water managmeent project under the supervision of the California Department of Water Resrouces. The SWP is one of the largest public water and power utilities in the world, providing drinking water for more than 23 million people. The SWP collects water from rivers in Northern Calfiornia and redistributes it to the water-scarce but populous south through a network of aqueducts, pumping stations and power plants.

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Oroville Dam


  • Initial funds for construction of SWP facilities were obtained through a $1.75 billion bond issue that was ratified by California voters in 1960.
  • Twenty-two State Water Project (SWP) dams and reservoirs are used to capture and store run-off from northern California mountains and valleys.
  • The SWP begins on the Feather River, where runoff is stored behind Oroville Dam in Butte County. The water then flows down natural channels to the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta south of Stockton.
  • Oroville Dam is the largest of the SWP's storage reservoirs. It has a storage capacity of 3.5 million acre-feet of water.
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