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The DAWN Project

The bulk of the water imported by AVEK is treated and distributed to customers throughout its service area through Domestic-Agricultural Water Network (DAWN) Project facilities. The Agency's entitlement also provides for delivery of untreated irrigation water from the Aqueduct and AVEK turnouts to Antelope Valley farmers.

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The DAWN Project consists of:

  • More than 100 miles of water distribution pipeline;Four Water Treatment Plants;Four 8 million gallon water storage reservoirs near Mojave, and one 3 million gallon capacity reservoir at Vincent Hill Summit.
  • The DAWN Project was financed by a $71 million bond issue that was authorized by AVEK-area voters in 1974.
  • Proceeds from the first bond issue, Series A, amounted to $23 million for project start-up construction. Series A bonds have been completely repaid.
  • The second phase was initiated in 1976, when $19 million in Series B bonds were issued. Series B bonds have been complete repaid.
  • In 1977, the $18 million Series C bond issued heralded phase three of DAWN facilities construction. Series C bonds have been completely repaid.
  • The final Phase of DAWN Project construction began in August 1986, when expenditure of the remaining $11 million in bonds, Series D, was approved by the AVEK Board of Directors. Beginning with the 2000-2001 tax year, the Agency no longer collects a tax to pay off series D bonds.
  • Today, groundwater is found at depths ranging from 130 feet up to 350 feet.
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