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Two Baby Bumps Occured Simultaneously at AVEK

Special Delivery; but not by way of the U.S. Postal Service.

May contain: monitor, screen, computer hardware, electronics, hardware, sweater, knitwear, clothing, person, woman, adult, female, tv, shoe, and footwear

These bundles will come wrapped in blankets without a postmark. They do have a stamp of approval from their prospective parents.

Tatyana Garcia, Accounts Payable Officer at the Antelope Valley-East Kern Water Agency, and Jordan Wray, the Laboratory Manager, share basically the same schedule for the arrival of their first babies.

Tatyana learned she was pregnant on June 1, 2022.

“I was four weeks at the time,” she said.

Her baby is due on February 2, 2023. Jordan’s baby is due in mid-February.

Tatyana and her fiancé Joshua Lee Teal found out on July 29 of this year that they’re having a boy. Jordan and her fiancé Jake are expecting a girl.

Tatyana said that she and Joshua plan to name their son Noah Lee Teal. Jordan said she and Jake haven’t yet decided on a name for their daughter.

Tatyana said she likes being pregnant on relatively the same schedule as a co-worker.

“I love having someone that I can relate to in our experiences as they are happening. Havin a pregnancy friend at work has been fun,” Tatyana said.

Regarding the reaction of her parents and future in-laws, Tatyana said, “both mine and my fiancé’s family are so excited for this new addition. He’s already so loved.”

May contain: dining room, dining table, table, furniture, indoors, room, building, architecture, monitor, screen, computer hardware, hardware, electronics, tv, portrait, person, photography, head, face, woman, adult, female, meal, food, plate, fork, cutlery, dish, living room, restaurant, chair, diner, tabletop, necklace, jewelry, accessories, lunch, people, and interior design
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