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Uniformed Guards Will Patrol Westside Water Bank

An increase in theft and vandalism on the Valley’s westside prompted the Antelope Valley-East Kern Water Agency to seek assistance from a security services company as a precautionary measure, a better-safe-than-sorry type move.

The potential for problems persuaded AVEK’s Board of Directors, at their meeting on November 22, 2022, to approve a proposal from Global Alliance Protection, to provide onsite security at the Agency’s Westside Water Bank for a period of six months at a total cost of $37,740, with monthly rates varying depending on the number of hours worked. The hourly billing rate is $25.50 per guard but rises to $38.25 n hour for holidays.

That service began on December 1, 2022, according to Jon Bozigian, AVEK’s Operations Manager, and it runs through May 2023.

AVEK had been using the security services of Global on a month-to-month basis, Jon told the board.

“During the past several months we’ve had no incidents of theft or vandalism at our facility, but the security team has had to chase away vehicles driving around the property late at night,” he noted.

AVEK sent a Request for Proposals to two local security companies – Global Alliance Protection on 10th Street West in Lancaster and OPSEC Specialized Protection at Division Street in Lancaster. While Global quoted a cost of $37,740 for the six-month time frame, OPSEC wanted $68,648 or $30,908 more for providing their service.

OPSEC has provided service to Jethawks Stadium and other area clients, but their cost is steep for AVEK, and the Agency already worked with Global.

Because the cost for this service was not included in AVEK’s finalized budget, Jon sathe decision as a “good idea”id the amount “will be applied to our annual Operating Budget.”

Jon told the board that OPSEC offered more services than AVEK needed. “I think Global is sufficient to d the job,” he said.

He called the service an “unforeseen expense,” but one he deemed necessary and AVEK’s Finance Committee agreed by recommending that the full board approve the contract.

Director George Lane called the decision a “good idea, but unfortunate and the board members unanimously voted their approval.

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