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Dwayne Opens His Home and Heart 

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Was it sheer luck or a case of true destiny that Maya, a stray and pregnant dog, found her way to Dwayne Chisam’s home?

At that time of year people busily prepared for the holiday season – shopping for Christmas gifts, purchasing new ornaments and tending to a zillion other priorities. Who would expect a pregnant homeless dog to show up basically at their doorstep?

Dwayne, AVEK’s General Manager, welcomed Maya after she wandered onto his property. He took her to the veterinarian for a health check and discovered that she could possibly be pregnant.

Maya grew increasingly larger and a return visit to the vet confirmed her condition; puppies would arrive soon.

Dwayne bought supplies and prepared a space in his home – a makeshift delivery room—where the birth would take place. Maya had eight healthy puppies – all females.

Dwayne tended to them for countless hours, ensuring the puppies received sufficient nutrition and all the care to meet their needs. He bought collars in a variety of colors – one for each puppy -- and he tentatively named them according to the color of their collar.

He placed seven puppies in loving homes. He presented his grandson Dean and daughter Samantha with a puppy for their home in Oregon. AVEK staffer Paul Hickman acquired a puppy and Dwayne kept the puppy named Blue for his home, together with Maya.

Paul, a Maintenance Technician at the Agency, named his puppy Bow, like the ribbon on a package. He said there was no specific reason for choosing that name. “I just liked it.” However, Bow seems appropriate. The puppy came into Paul’s life just before Christmas. What a way to celebrate the holiday!

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Bow already answers to her name.

“She’s a good dog,” Paul said. He’s still in the process of potty training her, but he said, “she’s getting it,” apparently a quick learner.

She doesn’t really chew on things, but Paul plays a significant role in that. “I keep a close eye on her.” Mainly he wants to ensure that nothing hurts her.

“She likes to play a lot. She’s a puppy so she’s a little hyperactive right now,” he noted.

“When she wants attention, she starts to bark. When someone’s at the front door, she barks.”

Paul said he had a couple of other dogs in the past. But now, Bow is his only pet. So she doesn’t have to share her play time or cuddle time with anyone else.

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