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Fan Terry Brown Watches Super Bowl Up Close and Personal

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Terrence “Terry” Brown, AVEK’s Quartz Hill Treatment Plant Supervisor, scored a seat at Super Bowl LVI on Sunday, February 13 at the SoFi Stadium in Inglewood where his team, the Los Angeles Rams, did him proud with their victorious win.

Terry, at age 53, never imagined that he would have the opportunity to sit among the spectators at a Super Bowl game, particularly because of the expensive ticket prices, which at the low end can easily cost a thousand dollars or more unless a fan somehow finds a special deal. 

Yet, nothing can truly compare to the excitement of observing this annual sports event – a kind of king among kings – in person.

“It was a ticket of a lifetime,” said Terry, who often attends Rams’ home games. “It was awesome, great fun absolutely. I wish it would have lasted longer.”

Terry went with his older brother Michael Brown and his brother’s girlfriend, Pamela Hunter. Terry said Pamela isn’t a serious football fan, but the game was her Valentine’s present.

Terry said he and his brother “are huge Rams fans. We support them all year. We went to multiple games before the Super Bowl.”

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He doesn’t envision another opportunity like this ever.

This “probably will be my first and last time. It’s so expensive – the tickets and eating. We did Area 67 – all you can eat and all you can drink.”

Regarding the food, Terry gathered his fair share, but said, “oddly enough, I did not eat a lot. There was so much going on. I was taking it all in. The entertainment was great -- not really famous artists. There were four or five stages with really good musicians.”

The Blues and R&B stage drew Terry’s attention, his favorite music genre. Artists at other stages performed Country tunes, Reggae music and Rock ’n’ Roll hits.

During the Halftime Show Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Mary J. Blige, Eminem, Kendrick Lamar and 50 Cent took center stage.

“I went and paid for food at Halftime. I didn’t eat a bite of it. They have a hamburger sub sandwich. I couldn’t eat it. I was so nervous.”

The game between the Rams and the Cincinnati Bengals created a lot of tension, from the beginning to the end as the close scores teetered back and forth when each team alternately took the lead. Who would win? No one could guess.

The scores were so close, Terry noted. It was in the last minutes. “The game was almost over,” he added.

Rams’ wide receiver Cooper Kupp, named the game’s MVP, caught the winning touchdown with less than two minutes on the clock, defeating the Bengals 23 to 20.

“I was jumping up and down, screaming, high-fiving. Everybody around me was screaming, just happy and shocked.”

Terry said there was a 91-year-old lady sitting by him who attends every Super Bowl game. On the other side of him were two sisters in their 80s who live outside of Boston. They, too, go to Super Bowl games all the time. “They didn’t care who won. They started cheering for me, for the Rams.”

Terry said part of the enjoyment was the energy and socializing among sports fans attending the game.

“It was fun. That’s what matters.”

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