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Employee Spotlight: Steve Olmscheid

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Meet Steve Olmscheid, AVEK’s maintenance supervisor, who believes in the ethic that states hard work leads to success on the job and he certainly exemplifies that philosophy every single day.

Steve began his career at AVEK in February 2013 when he hired on as a welder/maintenance staffer. In the nearly eight years that he has been on staff, he received his water licenses. Then, earlier this year, he was promoted to his current supervisory position.

As a welder in maintenance, he helped maintain all the Agency’s water treatment facilities as well as the distribution turnout.

In the position of maintenance supervisor, his responsibilities include ensuring that he and his crew continue the on-going chores crucial to keep all facilities functioning in proper working conditions.

“Those tasks are necessary to provide dependable and quality drinking water,” Steve said, in keeping with the Agency’s mission.

His work proves beneficial to AVEK’s customers because the maintenance staff has the knowledge and experience to identify complications as they develop and resolve those issues in the early stages to help reduce costly repairs.

He focuses intensely on his tasks and he strives for perfection.

“I accomplish those goals by being a hard worker and getting the job done,” Steve said.

Prior to joining AVEK, Steve worked as an industrial pipe fitter welder for 13 years.

A native to the Antelope Valley, Steve said, “I was inspired to work in the water field because I wanted to make a difference in the community.”

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