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Get Well Goes out to AVEK's Assistant GM

Certain people seem to have a knack for putting others instantly at ease, even at a first meeting and that is one of many abilities that colleagues, friends and acquaintances attribute to Matt Knudson, the Assistant General Manager at AVEK.

Currently, Matt’s presence — his genuine warm and welcoming smile — is truly missed at the Agency by the Board of Directors and coworkers alike during his medical leave of absence.

“We miss his smile, his kindness and his thoughtful, but professional manner,” one colleague said, pretty much echoing comments of others.

Coworkers have kept in touch. They put together a basket of assorted items, sent him gifts and cards along with their prayers.  Everyone wishes him well and wants to see him back soon.

**UPDATE: We are happy to report that Matt has returned to work! He's an amazing example of the quality of leadership at AVEK--always inspiring others to be and do their best! 

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