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Antelope Valley-East Kern Water Agency takes precautions in each department at Quartz Hill headquarters and every outlying facility to ensure the safety of employees, customers and visitors.

Laboratory Manager Jordan Wray described improvements in her work area, an ongoing process that keeps pace with technological advances and environmental concerns. She explained the work procedures that had an element of risk and the resolutions implemented when a new building was constructed.

“In the old lab we did not have a designated sample receiving area, so customers had to enter the lab to drop off their samples (of water for quality testing), and they also had to walk up and down a set of stairs.”

“When the new laboratory was built, we included a lab lobby with doors to keep customers separate from any work being done in the lab.”

Concept for that project had been initiated by AVEK’s administration staff and the Board of Directors “when the new admin building was approved,” Jordan said.

It reduced potential hazard because customers are no longer exposed to lab activity.

Also, Jordan emphasized, “There is a separate entrance at ground level, so customers no longer have to walk up and down stairs.”

Employees were involved in the planning process.

According to Jordan, “the Board of Directors were happy with the outcome.”

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