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Safety at Work Netted $$$

You did it. Each one of you that adhered to rules and regulations meant to ensure a safe workplace can take a bow for helping AVEK receive a total of $89,954.55 — the largest refund of its kind the Agency has received from the ACWA - JPIA Rate Stabilization Fund. AVEK General Manager Dwayne  Chisam told the Directors that good news at their April 14 Board meeting. That fund was established in the late 1970s as a risk-sharing pool among the Association of California Water Agencies  members. The fund functions essentially as a group insurance to protect against loss when claims are filed for property damage, liability cases or Workers’ Compensation. AVEK has received refunds from the JPIA the past several years, Dwayne told the Board Members. “It’s” related to our very low Workman’s Compensation claims,” he noted. That means the Agency staff utilizes the best safety practices in their daily tasks — things like not leaving a desk drawer open when not in use where a coworker could run into it and sustain injury or not leaving some object on the floor where a coworker could trip over it. Many of the workplace “No-Noes” are  simply common sense, but often accidents occur as a matter of simple oversight. 


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