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An Interest in Water Brought Him To AVEK

Knowledge of energy and water can mix as Lake Los Angeles resident Evan Carper, a new hire at AVEK, is about to learn.

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Evan, who started at AVEK as an Operator Trainee on Feb. 12, will be transitioning to the Maintenance Department, having recently accepted the newly-created position of Maintenance Technician I. Evan spent the previous seven years working in the solar energy industry; the first two years at the Genesis Power Plant in Blythe as a Senior Solar Field Technician where he worked on major maintenance tasks and the last five years at the Solar Energy Generating Systems Power Plants, commonly referred to as SEGS, in Kramer Junction. There he filled the position of Auxiliary Operator, running outside functions of the plants as well as handling the maintenance needs.

SEGS facilities in Kramer Junction “were decommissioned in October” as Evan put it.

It’s said that when one door closes, another opens, leading Evan directly to AVEK.

Of all the water agencies, why AVEK?

“Knowing it (is) a major water supplier and the field has always interested me,” Evan said.

As an Operator Trainee, Evan assisted higher level Operations Staff in the functioning, repair and maintenance of AVEK’s Water Treatment Plants and related facilities. Trainees help with recording, reporting and logging plant operations, test results and maintenance work in their designated area of responsibility. 

Evan currently lives in Lake Los Angeles with his fiancé Susana and he stays close to family, with his parents living in Littlerock.

In his leisure time, he goes fishing and hiking. He also works on projects around the house.

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