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Dived Into QH Treatment Plant Tasks

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When Aaron Martinazzi, a Santa Clarita resident, hired on at the AVEK as an Operator Trainee a little more than five months ago, on Sept. 23, 2019, he had no prior experience in the water treatment and supply industry.

A strong desire to learn has always been a driving force in his life and he eagerly faced the challenge of learning to run the Quartz Hill Treatment Plant. Aaron said he applied for the position at AVEK because he “wanted to get involved with water treatment.”

Part of his learning curve involved helping to record, report and log plant operations, test results and maintenance work handled in his designated area. In addition, he learned about the need to lubricate and maintain pumps; adjust water flows under the direction of his supervisors; and various other tasks such as operating a variety of equipment including trucks and tractors with hydraulic attachments.

Although Aaron has no family connections to the Antelope Valley, he said he has friends living in the community.

He spends his spare time on various hobbies including weightlifting, reading, attending sports events, traveling and playing video games. He also enjoys spending time with his niece.

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