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Doug Holmes Moves Up Ladder To Management Position

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It’s not just another day in the life of Doug Holmes, who recently moved to Tehachapi. Doug was also recently promoted to Assistant Operations Manager for Water Banking and Maintenance.

They say, “what goes around comes around,” but in a good way for Doug because this is his second time of working at AVEK and he manages to shine in every task he tackles. This time around he has been with the Agency for six years, beginning on Jan. 27, 2014, when he hired on as an operator trainee.

His first stint at AVEK ran from April 2003 through November 2006.

“I’ve been promoted up the ranks from Trainee to Operator to Senior Operator to Lead Operator to Superintendent (and) now Assistant Ops Manager,” Doug said. That has been his journey for the past six years.

After he left AVEK the first time around, he moved to Oklahoma.

Doug said he returned to California “for family reasons.”

He is a native of Nebraska who wound up in Southern California when transferred to the area as a member of the U.S. Air Force. His wife Sandra was raised in Hollywood and her family lives in the Los Angeles area.

Doug said he manages to find time for his hobbies, which primarily focus on cars.

“I drag race a 1964 Chevy II in the Hot Rod Class.” In fact, Doug noted, he was at the racetrack in Bakersfield – the Famoso Raceway – when he typed his work profile.

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